With the digital revolution now in full swing, the time is right to celebrate the very best in digital filmmaking in Malaysia and beyond! The Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA) is a biennial film awards ceremony that highlights the industry’s best and newest voices and visions. First held in 2013, it adopts the spirit of the times, a zeitgeist of the digital transformations in the nation’s creative industries.

Past winners include Ellie Suriati Omar with her debut feature effort Penanggal, as well as Paul Gan, the first winner of the Young Filmmaker Award. Celebrated filmmakers such as Azharr Rudin, Adam Sinclair and Chen Yihwen were also among the winners at the inaugural MDfA. The following edition in 2015 honoured rising stars such as Aliff Ihsan Rahman, Ernest Chong and Muzzamer Rahman, the Best Young Filmmaker of 2015. Putri Purnama Sugua won that award in 2017, an event which also honoured the likes of Tan Ce Ding, Norman Effendi and Yohann Ian.

It runs concurrently with the Young Filmmakers Forum (YFF), the critical space for discussions on films and filmmaking. Now in its third edition, the forum brings together voices across the spectrum of Malaysia’s creative industries, highlighting relevant issues of the day. Past panel members include Nik Amir Mustapha, Liew Seng Tat, James Lee, Khairil M. Bahar, Ahmad Idham, Diana Danielle, Nadira Ilana, Dain Said, Syafiq Yusof and Bradley Liew, as well as representatives from Canon, Astro First and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), among others.

MDfA and YFF is a non-profit event organised by Institute of Arts and Media Studies Malaysia (SEMESTA), an organisation of experienced professionals with a wide range of academic and industrial experience.

Find out more through the MDfA FAQ page.