Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA) 2013
Day/Date: Saturday 14th December 2013
Time: 3.00 PM – 5.00 PM
Venue: Sound Stage Studio, FINAS, Hulu Kelang, Selangor

The inaugural Malaysian Digital Film Awards is an event celebrating the best of Malaysian digital cinema. Bringing together films from across the spectrum, ranging from small, independent films to mainstream feature fares, it rewards the industries best and newest voices and visions.

Winners include Ellie Suriati Omar with her debut feature effort Penanggal, as well as Paul Gan, the first winner of the Young Filmmaker Award. Celebrated filmmakers such as Azharr Rudin, Adam Sinclair and Chen Yihwen were also among those honoured at the inaugural MDfA.

Best Young Filmmaker
Paul Gan (The Boy Who Rocked The World)

Jury Merit Award
Sanzaru (Adam Sinclair)

Best Digital Feature
Penanggal (Ellie Suriati Omar)

Best Digital Telefeature
Hari Hari Terakhir Seorang Seniman (Sabri Yunus)

Best Narrative Content
Guang (Quek Shio Chuan and Ismail Kamarul)

Best Production Design
Penanggal (Nazrul Asraff Mahzan)

Best Editing Work
The Boy Who Rocked The World (Paul Gan)

Best Digital Cinematography
Penanggal (Raja Mukhriz Raja Ahmad)

Best Media Technology, Experimental
The Boy Who Rocked The World (Paul Gan)

Best Computer Generated Innovation
Youth by Auburn (Emir Ezwan)

Best Digital Short Film
The Boy Who Rocked The World (Paul Gan)

Best Digital Documentary
Tukang Perahu Pulau Duyung (Azharr Rudin and Imri Nasution)

Best Digital Music Video
Youth by Auburn (Emir Ezwan)

Best Public Service Announcement
Toy Dolls (Chen Yihwen)

Best Digital Animation
Death In D Minor (Cheng Weng Kee, Wan Malini, Peh Win Shen, Fong Kheng Wai, Yap Jian Leng)

Best Viral Video
All Is Well (Blake YJM)


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