Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA) 2015
Day/Date: Tuesday 24th November 2015
Time: 4.00 PM – 6.00 PM
Venue: Sound Stage Studio, FINAS, Hulu Kelang, Selangor

The Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA) is a biennial film awards ceremony that highlights the industry’s best and newest voices and visions. The first edition in 2013 honoured winners such as Ellie Suriati Omar, Azharr Rudin, Adam Sinclair and Paul Gan, the first ever Best Young Filmmaker award winner.

This year, the competition was at its fiercest, as the short films Mama, Nadia, Pejam Pelik, Dermaga and Putus each had a minimum of 4 nominations. Mama, Dermaga and Putus gained the joint-highest nominations of 7 each, but it was the director of Nadia, Muzzamer Rahman, who came out on top with the Young Filmmaker Award and the Best Digital Feature Award. Previous winner Blake Yap Jun Ming also got in on the act, with five nominations yielding a victory in the Best Video Produced for the Internet category.

The following is the list of films and filmmakers nominated (italics – denotes winner):

Young Filmmaker Award
Muzzamer Rahman

Jury Merit Award
The Majestic Journey of Royal Belum (Zaidi Sulaiman)

Best Digital Feature
Sebatang Pensel Sebiji Oren (Muzzamer Rahman)

Best Direction
Dermaga (Aliff Ihsan Rahman)
Mama (Ernest Chong Shun Yuan)
Nadia (Muzzamer Rahman)
Pejam Pelik (Khairul Azri)
Putus (Ezmeer Rahman)

Best Narrative Content
Mama (Ernest Chong Shun Yuan)
Dermaga (Zaidy Zainudin)
Pejam Pelik (Khairul Azri)
Putus (Ezmeer Rahman)
We Were the Best (Tan Ce Ding)

Best Production Design
Mama (Gabriel Loh Wai Tong)
Dermaga (Salma A. Manaf)
Pejam Pelik (Taufiq Kamal Abdul Rahman)
Putus (Tisha Shahar)
This is My War (Azfar Hamdii and Wan Mohd Irham)

Best Digital Editing
Dermaga (Zuwandi Razak & A.I.R)
Aku Tahu (Hasif Hamid)
Kaththi Medley Malaysian (Blake Yap Jun Ming)
Mama (Pooi Sin Cheah)
Nadia (Razaisyam Rashid)

Best Digital Cinematography
Dermaga (Shaurinz)
Mama (Andy Tan)
Pejam Pelik (Aaron Chung)
Putus (Zulkefli Zain)
The Majestic Journey of Royal Belum (Asri Azudin)

Best Digital Sound Design
Nadia (Mohsin Othman)
Dermaga (Ridwan Abu Samah)
Mama (Yuen Yiet Soo)
Pejam Pelik (Alif Omar Osman)
Putus (Stevzan)

Best Computer Generated Innovation
Putus (Faiz Flif)
Life.Connected.Simplified (Lim Hui Hsing)
Talisman (Jeremy Jecky)
This is My War (Azfar Hamdii)

Best Digital Short Film
Mama (Pooi Sin Cheah)
Dermaga (Khairul Rizam Abu Samah)
Nadia (Razaisyam Rashid)
Pejam Pelik (Fazlynne Majid)
Putus (Ezmeer Rahman)

Best Digital Documentary Film
The Boo Legend (Jessica Lee Ai Mei)
Come Hell or High Water (Sheril A. Bustaman)
Roots of Tradition (Lim Hui Hsing)
The Majestic Journey of Royal Belum (Zaidi Sulaiman)
The Storm before the Calm (Luc Daley, Mike Smith and Curtis Jones)

Best Music Video
Aku Tahu (Timothy Toh Wei Min)
Tanda Cinta (Mohd Saufi bin Sulaiman)
Kaththi Medley Malaysian (Blake Yap Jun Ming)

Best Public Service Announcement
March 9, 1993 (Tan Ce Ding)
Berhati-hati Di Jalan Raya (Irfan Nizam)
Malam Raya Pertama (Irfan Nizam)
See You Again (Blake Yap Jun Ming)
The Phone (Aina Dayana)

Best Video Produced for the Internet
VIP Medley (Blake Yap Jun Ming)
Naanum Rowdy Dhaan (Blake Yap Jun Ming)

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