Three MDfA awards for Putri Purnama Sugua,
including Best Young Filmmaker Award

Hawa, directed by Tan Ce Ding, won the Best Digital
Short Film awards, along with three other categories

First time winners include Norman Effendi,
Yohann Ian and Charisa Pung

Blake Yap awarded the Jury Merit Award
for “consistency of quality and quantity”

Kuala Lumpur, Thursday 5th October 2017: At the 3rd Malaysian Digital Film Awards (MDfA), Putri Purnama Sugua scooped three awards, including the coveted Best Young Filmmaker award. Her films, Unseen Soul and Impian Dalam Harapan, won the Best Digital Documentary and Best Public Service Announcement awards respectively.

Hawa, directed by Tan Ce Ding, took home the Best Digital Short Film award, along with Best Direction, Best Digital Cinematography (Tan Teck Zee) and Best Digital Sound Design (Mohd Azrin).

Leong Tuck Fai’s I Love M.U.M won the award for Best Narrative Content. It was also a nominee in the Best Digital Short Film category, along with Mimpi Untuk Terbang by Putri. Her other film, Sahabat Raya, was also shortlisted in the Best Public Service Announcement category, along with previous MDfA winner Aliff Ihsan Rahman’s Hembus.

The Best Digital Animation Film gong went to Nopptune by Hazirudin bin Abdul Latip. This, along with the remaining two films in the category, Rose and Chase the Sphere, were produced by students from University Teknologi MARA (UiTM).

In the Best Digital Music Video category, Norman Effendi saw off competition from Jury Merit Award recipient Blake Yap and Victorious by Heerraa to win his first award with the music video for Seven Seas by KVLTS. “I feel surprised because the nominees were really good in both narrative and film language to tell a good story,” he admitted.

Nevertheless, he remains upbeat and encouraged by his victory. “I would say that it makes me want to make more short films and music videos in the future,” he continued. “I have a lot of ideas, stories and images that I really want to express and film and submit them to film festivals.”

Fellow first time winner Yohann Ian, whose Guilt of the Dreamer won the award for Best Digital Editing. “It’s rewarding to know my work has received some validation like this,” he said. “I’m still on the path, and I’ll tell stories and make films regardless of awards. However, this is proof that there are people out there who are hungry for this kind of creativity. This is definitely a motivation.”

In the category for Best Video Produced for the Internet, Charisa Pung took home the prize for her video, Awakening Rainforest, which promoted the Rainforest World Music Festival. “I’m very surprised and happy, as we didn’t expect to win this award,” she said, whose work was also nominated in the Best Digital Editing Category. “This award gives us a sense of belonging in the industry, as well as the motivation to continue to do our best and to create more good work, whether in the form of short films or video clips in the future.”

Pung was keen to emphasise on the teamwork involved. “It’s a recognition of our team’s work and creativity,” said the filmmaker, who flew in and out of Sarawak on the day for the event, “as we have limited resources here in Kuching, in terms of talent, technical knowledge, and skill.”

Ian concurred, saying that he would not have been here without his team. “The nominations themselves are motivating enough, but that win for editing is special, as it gives me something I can reward Samuel [Goh, the film’s cinematographer and editor]. He stuck with me on this and worked so hard when I called on him,” he said. “As a director, I get a sense of fulfilment out of rewarding him.”

The following is the list of films and filmmakers nominated (italics – denotes winner):

Best Young Filmmaker
Putri Purnama Sugua

Best Digital Feature Film
KL24: Zombies (Kenny Gan)

Best Digital Short Film
Hawa (Tan Ce Ding and Edward Lim)
I Love M.U.M (Emily Man)
Mimpi Untuk Terbang (Putri Purnama Sugua)

Best Digital Documentary
Unseen Soul (Putri Purnama Sugua)
Barber Kubur (Chan Chia Huey)
US (Ezzah Mahmud)

Best Digital Animation Film
Nopptune (Hazirudin bin Abdul Latip)
Chase the Sphere (Zakwan Hadi and Aina Nabila)
Rose (Nik Mohd Shamsul Anuar bin N Mustafha)

Best Digital Music Video
Seven Seas by KVLTS (Norman Effendi, Ken Loo and Agnes Hy)
Victorious by Heeraa (Heerraa Ravindran and Ramyaahshiiny Rajentheran)
Vivegam Medley by Blake Yap (Blake Yap)

Best Video Produced for the Internet
Awakening Rainforest (Charisa Pung)
KOMUGI Webseries: The Recipe Diaries (Martin Chong Yuh Lin)
Post, Don’t Roast (Sharon Goh Mei Mei)

Best Public Service Announcement
Impian Dalam Harapan (Putri Purnama Sugua)
Hembus (Rashid Shikh Abdullah)
Sahabat Raya (Putri Purnama Sugua)

CGI & VFX Innovation
Dysphoria (Amir Ashraf, Rashid Ramdhan and Ikhwan Faez)
Awakening Rainforest (Franky anak Christopher)
Hawa (Tan Ce Jian)

Best Direction
Hawa (Tan Ce Ding)
Guilt of the Dreamer (Yohann Ian)
Mimpi Untuk Terbang (Putri Purnama Sugua)

Best Narrative Content
I Love M.U.M (Leong Tuck Fai)
Mimpi Untuk Terbang (Putri Purnama Sugua)
The First Offering (Mathankumaran)

Best Digital Cinematography
Hawa (Tan Teck Zee)
Mimpi Untuk Terbang (Ahmad Zailani Mat Seman)
The First Offering (Mitchell Raj)

Best Digital Editing
Guilt of the Dreamer (Samuel Goh)
Awakening Rainforest (Chong Kwong Chun)
Hawa (Tan Ce Ding)

Best Production Design
Terus (Aiman Hamzah)
Hawa (Jess Ooi)
My Ba’s Radio (Irman Bahrudden and Benedict Jeremy Lazaroo)

Best Digital Sound Design
Hawa (Mohd Azrin)
Guilt of the Dreamer (Samuel Goh)
Terus (Sherwynn Victor and Tang Wai Kent)

Jury Merit Award
Blake Yap