3rd Young Filmmakers and Digital Content Forum (YFF2015)
Day/Date: Tuesday 24th November 2015
Time: 9.00 AM – 3.00 PM
Venue: Sound Stage Studio, FINAS, Hulu Kelang, Selangor

The Young Filmmakers and Digital Content Forum (also known as the Young Filmmakers Forum) is a biennial event that provides critical discussion on films, filmmaking and digital creative content. It was organised by Institute of Arts and Media Studies Malaysia (SEMESTA), in association with National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) and Creative Content Industry Guild (CCIG).

Bigging Smalls: Shorts Cinema of Malaysia
The making of short films in Malaysia has grown from strength to strength. From first time filmmakers to experienced industry professionals, it is an avenue for many to creatively explore pertinent issues of the day. Through avenues such as Filemmakers Anonymous, BMW Shorties, KL 48 Hour Film Project and more, the room for such endeavours is growing. This panel traces the growth of short films in Malaysia, and considers what the future holds for short film practitioners.
Featuring: Effa Desa, Fikri Jermadi, Paul Gan, Sheril A. Bustaman


Inside Out: Globalising Local Stories
What makes a good story? What attracts the audience? What are the factors to consider in making films not only for Malaysians but also for others? As international film festivals and distribution channels become viable options through which films may be screened, this discussion looks at the challenges in making local stories appealing to a more universal audience.
Featuring: Maz Irwan Azani, Muzzamer Rahman, Winaldo Swastia

New Directions: Digital Impact on the Mainstream
Films and filmmaking in Malaysia has slowly but surely changed. With more alternative voices being heard, and films beyond the mainstream also becoming more commercially successful, it’s time to talk about how digital technology has impacted mainstream Malaysian cinema and its audiences. What has changed from before? What kind of effects do these changes have? Is there room for more ideas, languages and identities to be accepted by many?
Featuring: Faridah Jaafar, Fikri Jermadi, Liew Seng Tat, Nik Amir Mustapha


Industri perfileman tempatan kritikal, dahagakan perubahan (Berita Harian)
The Young Filmmakers Forum Educates Aspiring Filmmakers (Kr8tif Express)
3rd Young Filmmakers Forum to Discuss Films, Filmmaking, and Digital Creative Content (Kr8tif Express)